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Key Ingredients:
Mimosa extract, Carcinine
Appropriate For:
Sallowness, Dullness, signs of Glycation
This potent serum targets existing glycation by boosting skin protein stores, while protecting collagen and elastin from future degeneration
When to Apply:
Morning and Evening after cleansing
How to Apply:
Gently press into the face, neck and decolletage
A revitalised, brightened and toned complexion that is protected against future damaging effects of glycation

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A revolutionary product clinically formulated to combat the signs and degenerative effects of glycation in the skin such as dullness, sallowness, laxity, fine lines, puffiness and deep set wrinkles, Sérum A-Glyca works from both a preventative and corrective standpoint to keep collagen and elastin fibres in tact. Carcinine and Mimosa correct historical glycation while protecting from future glycation by shielding against oxidation, UV, pollution and the effects of a poor diet. Protein stores are replenished and the skin cells are nourished to reverse existing damage. This treatment is so potent that it is proven to counteract the impact of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use.

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