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Masque PIGM 400 (4 PACK)

Masque PIGM 400 works to energise the complexion, for a brighter, more unified tone. Formulated with a cocktail of brightening actives like Red Algae and antioxidant-rich Caviar Lime, this luxurious sheet masque combats signs of dullness and fatigue, leaving the complexion looking luminous, revitalised and fresh. Made from cellulose fibre, the mask boasts a luxurious silky texture, allowing it to perfectly envelop the contours of the face to infuse the complexion with potent actives.

Red Algae Extract, Pea Extract, Stabilised Vitamin C, Caviar Lime Extract, Celldetox


  • 1-2 x per week as a treatment after cleansing
  • Clean and dry face and neck. Open the pouch, fold the mask out flat and remove the protective film.
  • Apply to skin. Use fingertips to smooth out the mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Remove and dispose of the mask, then massage using circular motions

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