Biologique Recherche


A sublime skin elixir made originally for Madame Allouche, this finishing serum contains the highest concentration of active ingredients across the entire Biologique Recherche range. A comprehensive treatment in terms of efficacy and sensorial delight, this intelligent formula targets a multitude of skin concerns such as a loss of firmness, dehydration, dullness, sun damage and fine lines, simultaneously. Formulated with Amino Acids, Chestnut, Watercress, Myrrh and Hexapeptides to restructure and Kudzu, NMF's, Hyaluronic Acid and Silk to plump, sooth and nourish, this potent anti-ageing complex brings a youthful illumination to the complexion while also shielding from free radical damage. Presented in a golden glass bottle in a prestige box in white lacquered wood, this is the ultimate regenerative treatment for mature and devitalised skins.

Amino Acids, Watercress, Myrrh, Kudzu, Mimosa, Cranberry, NMF's, Hyaluronic Acid, St John's Wort


  • Morning after cleansing, over your recommended serums and creams
  • Gently press into the face, neck and décolletage

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