Biologique Recherche


A innovative skin treatment that has emerged from decades of research and development by Biologique Recherche, this intense anti-ageing cream contains a purposeful selection of pure, potent actives and patented peptides that act on Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) receptors. A comprehensive treatment in terms of efficacy and sensorial delight, this intelligent formula reverses DNA damage, while targeting a multitude of skin concerns from a loss of firmness, dehydration and dullness to sun damage and fine lines, simultaneously. Formulated with Peony, Elderflower and Chestnut to restructure and a complex of Matrikines, Myorelaxant Peptides, and Carcinine to pad and plump wrinkles, this potent anti-ageing cream also addresses tonal inconsistencies and solar pigment with White Tea and Watercress Sprout. Presented in custom-made artisanal glass packaging with gold features, this is the ultimate regenerative treatment for mature and devitalised skins.

Milk Thistle, Mimosa, Elderflower, Chestnut, Myorelaxant Peptides, White Tea, Watercress Sprout, Oligosaccharides


  • Morning and evening after your recommended serums
  • Gently press into face, neck and décolletage

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