Notes on Serum 3R

Notes on Serum 3R

26th Apr 2018

Serum 3R is an antioxidant rich treatment serum formulated to help fight the effects of time. Serum 3R has a renewing, regenerating and repairing action by harnessing the affects of a bio-active, antioxidant tripeptide. Inhibiting the formation of carbonyl proteins, it acts as a photoprotector for dermal cells. This antioxidant tripeptide protects against DNA degradation caused by UV and offers complete antioxidant protection to skin cells minimising the effects of environmental damage.

Cranberry extract, rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as in carotenoids and flavonoids (flavonols, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins). These families of molecules are particularly known for their antioxidant qualities and ability to considerably reduce oxidative stress.

Serum 3R also contains exfoliating ingredients to help renew the epidermis and refine skin texture. Anti-inflammatory actives help to repair, along with a complex of botanical extracts proven to reduce skin laxity and reinforce tone and structure of the skin.

A complete response to environmental damage and the effects of time.

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