Notes on Creme Dermopurifiante

Notes on Creme Dermopurifiante

3rd May 2018

Founded by biologist, Yvan Allouche, Biologique Recherche has always understood the importance of a healthy skin microbiome and its cross-communication with skin cells. The complexities of healthy gut bacteria and probiotics are often written about but did you know that your skin has a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria too?

BR's famous fermented yeast extract encourages healthy skin flora to crowd out P.Acnes bacteria that causes inflammation and breakouts. Balancing your skins natural pH and harmonising the delicate balance of epidermal flora to reduce skin imperfections.

Combined with gentle AHA's to unblock follicles, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to regulate seborrheic secretions, Vitamin C to regenerate blemish marking plus Arnica to reduce redness and inflammation, Creme Dermopurifiante provides expert care to seborrheic, unbalanced Skin Instants.

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