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A vitamin-enriched cleanser for dehydration, dullness and devitalisation, this nourishing formulation effectively frees the complexion of pollution, grime and makeup without impairing the Hydrolipidic Film. Containing Amniotique Fluid Compounds to heal and regenerate the complexion, its antioxidant profile is boosted with Vitamins E, A and F to assist in shielding from oxidative and environmental stressors that accelerate the ageing process. Cellular Oligo Peptides plump, firm and strengthen the complexion, ensuring that it is completely refreshed and restored after every cleanse.

Cellular Oligo Peptides, Amniotique Fluid Compounds, Vitamins A, E and K


  • Apply a small amount of Lait E.V to a dry face, neck and décolletage. Emulsify with small ascending circular movements.
  • Remove with cool water and a cotton face cloth or sponges. Repeat until all impurities and make-up have been removed. Pat dry.

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