Biologique Recherche Haute Couture

An exclusive programme of exceptional products for outstanding results. 

Biologique Recherche has launched a breakthrough program in the world of cosmetic care: The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Program. Created to ensure individual skin complexions are met with the right products and unique treatments created just for you. Skin experts develop customised products at the exclusive Biologique Recherche laboratory for each new line. The unique and highly concentrated formulas combine the brands clinical approach to cosmetic treatment with personalised support to deliver extraordinary results. 

The Haute Couture program can be implemented over varying time periods to suit your skins needs. Over the course of the program three steps occur regularly: a cosmetic skin assessment, customised products formulated with specific active ingredients and product application in the salon and at home. 

At the start of the treatment an initial consultation with a doctor or one of the Biologique Recherche experts conducts an in-depth dermatological and cosmetic diagnosis to identify specific problems.

The Biologique Recherche laboratory produce each serum individually with cutting-edge equipment. The monthly product kit is made up of two creams, seven facial serums and an eye serum, all specifically formulated from a range of over 70 active ingredients to target the unique problems of every type of skin. The formulation of the products evolve over the course of the program to meet the treatment goal. 

To make sure your treatment is optimised and well-tolerated an in depth dermatological and cosmetic diagnosis will be performed each month to asses changes to your skin. Bespoke products will be applied after each treatment.

This exceptional and groundbreaking offering is exclusive to Melanie Grant in Australia.

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